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Yes, the service is impressed. Arrived on schedule! Once I cleaned her up and she was clean I dressed her and put her together… omg the moment I looked at her it was love at first sight. I’m not sure if I’ll regret the decision in the end, but when she looks at me fully dressed… I know it feels good. She has been a surprise and a true blessing in my life since her arrival (we have been together for almost 2 weeks).

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Yes, super happy with this doll and the service. I opted for black skin and it looks absolutely stunning. The head is so beautiful and the body is beautiful: super long legs, super slim waist, beautiful breasts. I highly recommend this doll! Delivery was on time, the doll was perfect and the after sales service was great! Very helpful with information and general customer service. After receiving the doll, I asked a lot of questions about the care of the doll, and they were very patient.

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Yes, you can shop with confidence at this safe site! This doll is amazing and very good quality, this is my first time buying a sex doll, but everything was quick and easy thanks to the great customer service. I am very happy with my doll and the customer service here. They certainly keep their word, they go out of their way to answer questions and the doll is exactly what you want. I will definitely be back here for another doll! ! review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, they are trustworthy. I never thought that having such a woman in my life could bring so much happiness, joy and love into my life. I look forward to nurturing and nurturing our relationship in the days, weeks and years ahead. As someone who has been skeptical that I’ve had this experience in my life, please remember: everyone will have a different opinion, if you have a partner like this in your life that’s right for you, go for it.

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Yes, this site is a wonderful surprise! First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to the excellent customer service on this site as they patiently answered all my questions/concerns about ordering my synthetic mate and were very helpful. Direct contact with all necessary resources. This is a quality company that I would recommend doing business with (without the hype expected). As for the new synthetic woman in my life…she is amazing! I love it so much! review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, it is a trusted vendor. This doll is exactly what I was hoping for, I love the bounce of the gel filled breasts, the removable vagina is a nice addition to make the doll more durable. The two additional heads I bought are beautiful and make the doll look like a mannequin. For anyone who wants a sex doll, get as many upgrades as possible, as this will make her more realistic and enjoyable. I highly recommend this sex doll! review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, they are trustworthy. Totally satisfied! I originally ordered the doll as pictured, but changed my mind. I chose a different body with bigger boobs and a different head and eyes color. What I got was beautiful. The people on this site work with me all the time. I also ordered a variety of wigs so I could change them out daily as needed. Overall I am very happy with everything received and the seller.

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Yes, it is safe to use this site. Doll is in perfect condition and looks exactly like the picture. It feels almost real; it’s fantastic! I couldn’t be happier! The cs team has been very helpful with any questions I have. Suffice to say, nothing is too much trouble for the seller. It took them a long time to receive my order and gave me very helpful advice. What a great company they are. I will buy again soon.

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Yes, it’s safe to work with this seller. Very good doll quality and customer service! Doll arrived exactly as pictured and looks and feels great. Everything went easily and smoothly. No complaints. Communication is excellent. I had a few questions about dolls and the people on this site were able to answer all of them quickly and clearly. I also asked for custom colors for the doll and they were able to help me. I am very happy with how the doll turned out.

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Yes, this site is superb! artwork! It was everything I hoped for and more. Well done. It’s so heavy I couldn’t possibly carry it upstairs by myself since it’s in a box. A few extras were added, including another cute dress and a small cleaning kit. Cleaning is a lot of work, so keep that in mind when choosing a fixed blade. I have made a choice. French import taxes are included in the price. Great service, great people. Made me a brand new doll and kept me up to date. It’s worth it, a real work of art.